If you wish to view any other policy document please contact the school office.


  • Administration of Medicines Policy (PDF)
  • Assessment Policy (PDF)
  • Behaviour and Discipline incorporating Anti-bullying Policy (PDF)
  • Attendance Policy (PDF)
  • Charging & Remissions Policy (PDF)
  • Child Protection Policy (PDF)
  • Collective Worship Policy (PDF)
  • Dog Rationale and Policy (PDF)
  • Equality & Diversity Policy (PDF)
  • Extended Schools Policy (PDF)
  • eSafety and Data Security Policy (PDF)
  • Freedom of Information Act (PDF)
  • GDPR Policy (PDF)
  • Health & Safety Policy (PDF)
  • Homework Policy (PDF)
  • Home School Agreement (PDF)
  • Marking Policy (PDF)
  • Privacy Notice (PDF)
  • School Based Complaints Policy (PDF)
  • School Cycle Policy (PDF)
  • SEN Information Report (PDF)
  • SEN Policy (PDF)
  • Relationships and Sex Policy (PDF)
  • Supporting Children with Medical Conditions in School (PDF)
  • Teaching and Learning Policy (PDF)

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