Points of Contact

The Headteacher is very pleased to see parents and will always endeavour to accommodate appointments even at short notice. However, if you would like an assured interview, please contact the school office. If you want to speak to your child’s teacher it is usually possible at the end of school. Alternatively urgent messages will be passed on by the office. If you would like a longer appointment please send a note or phone the school to reserve a time.

During the year there will be a variety of parent-teacher meetings. Formal consultation evenings allow a 10 minute chat. Open Classrooms display children’s work in class. Curricular evenings explain a particular aspect of the school day. We also encourage parents to come into school to watch assemblies, performances and to take part in lessons through ‘parent partner’ mornings.

There are regular newsletters and these, along with all letters home, are put on the school web-site for easy access and sent home via email (copies are also available from the school office). If these arrangements are unsuitable or insufficient for you we would like to know about it. We send feedback forms on the back of every newsletter but please contact us directly if you have any worries about your child or any aspect of school – equally we will contact you if we have any concerns.

For short notice contact the school has a texting system and will post on the school Facebook page. We also subscribe to School Gateway so all payments can be made online.


For snow, information will be listed on www.hertsdirect.org as well as the school website and will be announced by local radio stations (heart and 3 counties). For other unforeseen circumstances, parents will be contacted by phone on these occasions. Children will be supervised until arrangements can be made for their collection.

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