Educational Visits

From time to time, children will be taken to places of interest in connection with the class work they are doing. Value for money and keeping costs down is always a priority when booking outings, but in order to continue to provide these valuable experiences we ask parents to make a voluntary contribution to fund the visits that take place within the school day.

Shorter outings will also be undertaken during the working day, which incur no expense. Parents may not receive advance warning of these events if they involve the immediate locality.

Longer residential educational visits may be organised for children which involve being away from home for periods of up to 5 days. At present Year 3 and Year 4 have a one night residential, Year 5 spend 2 nights away and Year 6 spend 4 nights in Wales.

Arrangements are made well in advance and parents are kept informed. All journeys are carefully planned and involve the correct ratio of adults to children. Parents are able to pay for these trips in instalments, usually planned for up to a year before the trip.

The school also participates in a wide number of inter-school activities such as team games and competitions.

A variety of musical, historical and other groups regularly visit the school to talk to the children. Police, Road Safety teams and fire officers remind the children about aspects of safety. In addition our older children are given the opportunity to take the Cycle training Course and test.


The school has no personal accident insurance, other than when children are on school trips, and parents may wish to take out this type of cover.

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