School Clothing & Equipment


Our school uniform comprises of a purple polo shirt with logo badge, grey sweatshirt or cardigan with logo badge (which is only available from the school office), purple school caps (which must be worn for trips off site and when very hot on the playground). Children also wear grey/black trousers or skirts which are available from many high street stores or on the internet, as are plain purple polo shirts without logo badges. Black school shoes are to be worn indoors, with dark coloured socks/tights. Also a pair of dark or plain-coloured trainers (no bright or fluorescent colours) are needed for playtimes and P.E lessons. We would ask parents for their co-operation in ensuring their children come to school wearing the correct school uniform and that all items are clearly named.

We feel school uniform is an important aspect of school life and it helps make life easier for both children and parents; it stops competition and differences being noticed, it cuts down on demands being made on parents for certain clothing and it adds a tone and identity to the pupils and gives them a sense of belonging.

Nail varnish, hanging earrings and necklaces and bracelets are not allowed during the school day. A watch may be worn but must be removed for P.E. The school does not allow mobile phones or electronic equipment such as MP3 players to be brought into school unless with prior consent from the Headteacher. The school can not be held accountable for the loss or theft of these items.


All children change for PE activities and need plain black shorts and a plain purple t-shirt (available from the school office as well as other retailers) as well as a pair of trainers. Tracksuits and sweatshirts are encouraged for outdoor P.E when the weather is very cold. Children who play football or rugby will need football/rugby boots without metal studs. P.E bags are available to buy from the school office. Children with long hair will need to provide a hair tie for P.E and earrings must be removed or children must provide their own tape to tape their ears.


Please provide an old shirt or apron for your child to wear when doing Art activities. All children should bring a waterproof coat to school for playtimes. Wellingtons or snow boots are advisable in snowy weather. Purple school caps should be worn for hot weather or for trips.


We would ask that all children have their own writing equipment, including pencil, pen, rubber, ruler, colouring pencils and sharpener. Teachers will advise children on the type of ink pen that is preferred. If a child is missing an item we can provide a spare one whilst the item is being replaced. Obviously loss of items is greatly reduced if all personal stationery is named. Some stationery items can be purchased from the school library at lunch-times at a cheap price.

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